Welcome to my site,I hope you enjoy your visit here. My site as you can see is very new so please bear with me whilst I can get crafty and share some more with you. i have lots going on at the moment & the only time I have to craft is through the night lol. I am working on a mini for a friend so I will be sharing that soon!. Please leave a comment & I'd love it if you followed me :-) Hugs. Happy playing. Ali.xx

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

1st entry to new blog!

Hi to anyone here!

as you can see this is my opening post on this new blog of things I have altered and wish to share with anyone who maybe interested along the way with me.
This piece above was a plain chip box 6x6.
I hope you like the finished design!

I have another passion which is Magnolias and I do have a Magnolia blog sharing those. If you like the cutie stuff why not pop over there to see me too! Link is on my sidebar.

Cheers for stopping by today :)


  1. welcome to the world of blogging :) ( great start may i say)
    look forward to seeing more...

    If your looking for challenges to take part in that are aimed at altered art ( and often have a prize included) http://alteritmonthly.blogspot.com/ is a good one... I probably have to say that as i run it lol.. but we made it because its good to get together with other altered art artists and see what we are all up to. as an extension of this we have a facebook group for chatting and sharing techniques etc.

  2. You should link this to the Mixed media montly blog for this months theme of boxes as its a great example and you have used one of my favourite images.

  3. I'm just starting out myself...looking forward to seeing your posts and creations!

  4. Congratulations on starting a blog. I have signed up as a follower and am looking forward to be a part of your crafting world.